Our Management - Shared Responsibility.<br>Joint Performance.

Our Management

Shared Responsibility.
Joint Performance.

Cord Meyer
Cord Meyer
Factory Manager

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A responsible management to achieve a long-term increase in the value of the company is the most important management rule at Magaziner. Michael Röhrs and his management team work passionately to make the company and our products even more attractive to customers and employees and to live up to our social responsibility.

Dipl. Ing. Michael Röhrs Dipl. Ing. Michael Röhrs
General Manager and Product Development
Dipl. Ing. Hans-Jürgen Ebsen Dipl. Ing. Hans-Jürgen Ebsen
Sales and Marketing
Cord Meyer Cord Meyer
Dipl. Ing. Christian Höchemer Dipl. Ing. Christian Höchemer
Service and Support